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Today cryptocurrency trading has become an inevitable part of the world, there is an environment to create a coin that everyone can use as an alternative currency for the daily trading market. The answer is PATTERN COIN.

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Token started on May 14th 2021

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May 14, 2021
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Oct 05, 2021
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Frequently Asked Questions

PTTN coin is a financial management company with years of experience in technology based financial developments through innovative ideas. Now launched PTTN coin in BEP20 platform for growing financial markets worldwide.
Registration process is very easy . you just need to have referral code of existing user & valid gmail account for completing registration .
Deposit we accept multiple crypto currencies mentioned in our list and Withdraw only in USDT Tether
Buy and sell PTTN Coin using our integrated exchange with a fare price policy.
Withdraw can be done instantly , minimum withdrawal is $10 , there is no amount limits on withdrawal , but you can only make withdrawal once a day , withdraw charges is 10% .

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